In this release of Flex Templates, we're excited to introduce an all-new My Local block, major enhancements to BLOX Live e-Editions, and improvements to inline display for collections. 

My Local block

We're thrilled to now offer a new "Card:My local" block, which will allow readers to have their own personalized block of content based on sections you curate.

Once the block is configured, a reader may select their preferred section and the content will dynamically fill in the block. Better yet, the selection will be saved locally for that particular reader upon repeat visits to the site!

This level of personalization has shown to increase engagement and time-on site. To get started, create a new block and select the "Card: My local."

For instructions on how to get started with this new personalized block, please read our documentation here. (FLEXBLOX-9307)

BLOX Live e-Editions

Print ad and cutout display has been improved in the new e-Edition 2022 skin, in an effort to draw more attention to ads without being intrusive to the subscriber.

  • Hovering over a cutout and/or ad on desktop will show a dashed outline, indicating to the user that it can be clicked.
  • When the cutout has a URL present, clicking it will display a redesigned modal.
  • Within the window, the full image of the ad can be seen, in addition to options to Print and Save.

Any URLs or email addresses in the cutout are read and listed in the modal, clickable, and open in a new window when clicked. 

Note: these interactive options require the e-Edition to be segmented.

Upgrading to BLOX Live e-Editions 2022 is FREE to existing customers. Read the documentation here or submit a support ticket for assistance. (FLEXBLOX-9446)


  • Printing in the new BLOX Live e-Editions is now easier with the 2022 skin! When a user clicks a print button from any images, clippings, full page downloads or ads - the image will be sized to fit a standard 8.5x11 Letter paper size by default, instead of requiring the user to select fit to page with in their printer settings. (FLEXBLOX-9413)
  • Inline photos with Presentation mode "Parallax" will now display captions if applicable to the photo. This mode will also display a "Buy Now" button if the site has photo sales enabled for that image. (FLEXBLOX-9430)
  • We've made minor improvements to the photo sales functionality for multimedia collections and gallery views. (FLEXBLOX-9473)
  • The Audience+ one-page purchase login code has been made into a macro for easier page customization. (FLEXBLOX-9469)
  • We have removed The World Table commenting provider as a Comments option due to the company no longer being in business. Partners are encouraged to review our supported commenting providers on our documentation site. Sites who have previously enabled The World Table comments will now have BLOX Comments as the default. This can be updated at any point.(FLEXBLOX-9462)


  • On the Audience+ one-page purchase form, the new credit card icons were all displayed even if a site did not accept a particular card type. This has been fixed with additional logic, and more card type icons were added. (FLEXBLOX-9458)
  • We have added settings in the new Audience+ login/subscribe block 'Utility: User controls modal' for buttons to use the default bootstrap styles. (FLEXBLOX-9409)
  • Sometimes two assets would display in a storyview of the BLOX Live e-Editions 2022 skin, when a user double-clicked an asset faster than 100ms. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-9460)
  • We fixed an issue where inline dynamic collections would display all associated assets despite the Presentation mode configured. The inline display will now showcase a dynamic collection appropriate to the Presentation setting applied inline. (FLEXBLOX-9465)