This week we are adding a revenue opportunity leveraging a new integration with Insticator—an engagement widget which combines interactive content with programmatic advertising. In addition, we now have Paid Recommendations support on our AMP mobile pages to help monetize that platform.


  • Sites can now earn additional advertising revenue by leveraging a new integration with Insticator, which combines interactive content like quizzes and polls with programmatic advertising. (FLEXBLOX-6422)
  • Sites utilizing Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can now monetize these popular pages by enabling Paid Recommendations. To turn on this feature, enable AMP and set 'AMP paid recommendations' to 'Include only sponsored content'. For more details on AMP, read our documentation. (FLEXBLOX-6429)


  • We have addressed an issue with the Utility: Email signup block that was throwing errors and preventing lists from populating. (FLEXBLOX-6235)
  • Fixing a bug that was causing live e-Edition pages to load continuously in Mobile Safari 8. (FLEXBLOX-6423)
  • Fixing an issue with BLOX Photo Sales not loading in Firefox. (FLEXBLOX-6455)
  • Removing unneeded padding to the left of the "Card: Grid" block. (FLEXBLOX-6474)