In this Flex Templates software release, we are making minor improvements to code and functionality which should increase performance.


  • The number of photos in an article slideshow is now displayed so that end users will know how many photos are available to view. (FLEXBLOX-4880)


  • We've improved the performance of the "Card: Grid" slideshow option. It will now be more efficient and will not rely on jQuery. (FLEXBLOX-5835)
  • Some of the text in the "Classified: Featured Search" block can now be customized. In the block customizations panel, there are now options to change the search button text, the search placeholder text, and the advanced search text. (FLEXBLOX-6864)
  • The JavaScript that creates the Business Directory details page "cover image" will no longer be dependent on jQuery and will now load asynchronously to improve performance. (FLEXBLOX-7232)
  • We have optimized the map script in the Business Directory pages. It will no longer be dependent on jQuery, and its loading order has been deferred to improve performance. (FLEXBLOX-7244)
  • The Series Collection script is no longer dependent on jQuery, and it will now load asynchronously to improve performance. (FLEXBLOX-7247)
  • Pagination controls will now be hidden when a page is printed. (FLEXBLOX-7251)


  • We've improved the functionality of subscription sign up forms so that if a user clicks the back button, more options are remembered. (FLEXBLOX-4376)
  • Subscription services with a zip code restriction option now perform properly. (FLEXBLOX-7226)
  • In some edge cases, there were empty span tags in the site navigation bar. These have been removed. (FLEXBLOX-7243)
  • In some edge cases where the width of slides is less than 768 pixels, the "Card: Grid" carousel displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed. (FLEXBLOX-7283)


  • We have moved the current default search view to an include file, and created a controller macro to run it. This way, web developers will be able to make small customizations without having to customize the entire search skin. (FLEXBLOX-7241)