Load More infinity scroll

When the user presses the "Load More" button, a loading animation is presented before additional assets are displayed.

In this week's Flex Templates release, we are adding a new feature that has a different infinity scroll option. It uses a "Load More" button which loads additional assets, rather than adding assets when the bottom of the screen is reached.

Even though infinity scroll is a great option to allow discovery of additional content, some users and publishers would prefer a "Load More" option to load the content because they consider it to be more user friendly. This allows users to navigate to the bottom of the page and have more control over their experience, for example.

In order to use the new option, simply view the "Appearance" options for each block. The "Fetch assets" drop down in the "Content Discovery" group now has an option of "Load more toggle."

Load more toggle

In order to enable the "Load More" infinity scroll option, you need to go to "Card: Grid" or "Card: Summary" block and then click on the Appearance tab. From here, find the "Content discovery" group, and then choose "Load more toggle" from the "Fetch assets" drop down.