Using emojis in iOS notifications

This week, as part of our BLOX Core software update, we are making emojis available through BLOX Notifier. These are often used by sites to promote sales promotions, weather notices, light-hearted news or sports updates.

Emoji picker

To use this feature, first place your cursor on the text field where you'd like to add the emoji - either the title field or the message. Then, you can use the emoji picker that exists in many modern operating systems. Simply use the built-in Windows 1- emoji picker by pressing the Windows button and the period button together on your keyboard. On a Mac, get the emoji picker by pressing cntrl-command-space to get the built-in keyword. Then, choose your emoji and it will be added to the text field. Emojis will work with the TownNews Now App and many other external applications, but may not be supported with all systems. If you will be sending emojis frequently, you may want to create a channel and include only the targets that support emojis.

Read the detailed release notes here.