BLOX Live e-Editions has some great upgrades coming for the user experience with this release. These include increased flexibility with design options available for each publication, expanded menu options, and new in-app search functionality.

Watch this video from our last webinar for more details:

During our October customer webinar, Rich Griffin, product manager, and Christine Masters, director of BLOX CMS, provided an update on recent enhancements to BLOX Live e-Editions.

Some of the new design options now available are centered around the display the Page (replica) view of live e-Edition. This view is displayed either because there is no editorial content associated with the page, or the reader has specifically chosen that view as their preferred reading option. Sites can now choose to show the Page view by default per publication.

e-Editions page view default

Defaults can also be set for the page to be viewed by width (current behavior) or height.

defaults for e-Editions

Also to supplement revenue for publications, a new ad position has been added to the Page view.

New ad position e-Editions

We are also adding an in-application search so readers will always stay within the BLOX Live e-Editions user experience.

e-Editions search

There is all of this and more coming with this release. Read the detailed release notes here.