This week we are happy to announce the addition of two new templates as well as improvements to our Google Ad Manager Creative Templates.

The following templates have been updated:

  • Pencil and Wallpaper (PAW) - The big change to this template is that you can now control whether the inside edge or the outside edge of the wallpaper is clipped first.
  • Page Curl - This previously hard to find template allows you to create a page curl in the upper right of your browser window. We've given it a slight animation in the closed state to attract the attention of the visitor.
  • Interstitial - This creative, which is loaded over a page when the page is rendered, now has an option for a semi-opaque background that covers the page background.

We've also added two new templates that are variations of the PAW ad:

  • Expanding Pencil - this template allows for desktop and mobile image sizes in a closed and open size. The template can auto open/close based on your settings.
  • Wallpaper - You can now have a stand-alone wallpaper ad to wrap your page. You can select a left and right image that is visible on desktop screens only. You can choose for the images to be clipped from the inside or outside as the browser window narrows.

For all our our creative templates, including the Parallax Creative and the forthcoming Reveal Creative, we have updated our documentation to show all available variables and usage, including required image sizes on different devices.

Template snippets will need to be imported and updated into the GAM system, all of which can be found on our help site

Read the detailed release notes here.