This week we will be making significant improvements to BLOX Notifier and how automated announcements are formatted.

We are changing the way BLOX CMS handles the “Message” and “Title” fields by default.

BLOX Notifier changes

The headline on articles will now populate in the message field, leaving the title field for manual labels or call outs such as “Breaking News” or “New Updates!” This new functionality, requested by many of our partners, brings this feature more in line with how other notification systems operate.

Notifications on iPhone

This change will also affect Facebook and Twitter posts causing the headline to be used as the main message on those posts, instead of the first paragraph. Again, this was a highly-requested change from our partners.

The title field can now be left blank if you do not want the bold labels or call outs.

Please be aware this may impact the way the fields appear in push notifications. For more assistance, contact Customer Support.

Read the detailed release notes here.