In this release of Rayos Platform, we are improving some image workflows in order to optimize performance regarding how images are handled. We've also addressed a few other bugs.


  • Ads served through A9 header bidding will now lazy load in the same way that is available through DFP. This was released previously in an urgent release. (RAYOS-422)
  • We are improving how duplicate images that come from BLOX Syndication are being handled in the Rayos Platform. This should help improve performance. (RAYOS-600) (RAYOS-638) (RAYOS-657)
  • By default the WP All Import plugin will upload all images for a related post to a folder based on the current year and month. This can be problematic when importing large archives that may contain thousands of images. We are improving this process by uploading images to a folder based on the post's date in order to evenly distribute the images. (RAYOS-665)