Sort and better display articles by related content with the new "child type" query rule. This is great for featuring articles with videos, photos galleries, polls, and more.

New query rule

Use this new tool to showcase items with additional engagement opportunities:

  • Videos: Create a "Video Stories" block of articles with attached videos—rather than showcasing the videos themselves, which may lack context and detail.
  • Collections: Feature a block on the homepage that showcases any articles that have children that are collections.
  • Polls: Showcase political articles with polls to solicit feedback from the readers.
  • Photos: Create a "great photos of the day" block that lists the parent articles, not just the images. This way, when a reader clicks on one of the items, they can read the full context of the article, rather than just seeing a photo with little other data.
Child type query rule

In the Block Editor, choose the "child type" rule, the type of asset, and whether you want that block to show assets that have (or do not have) child assets of that type.

Choosing a child type

New search capabilities

In addition to the new query rule, front end search has now gained the ability to search by whether or not assets have children of a certain kind. Simply type in hct (has child type) or nhct (not has child type) to add this characteristic to your search.

For example, you can now create an RSS feed listing only articles that have associated videos.

Read the detailed release notes here.