BLOX Smart-Sizing

The BLOX smart-sizing feature uses on-the-fly image proxy technology to create images that are the right size at the right time.

Custom images now use our smart-sizing technology. Add a logo to your page, a cover for this week's magazine edition, or an image for a promotion. BLOX CMS will automatically, on the fly, generate image sizes specific to the device size and space available. Each smart-sized image is then cached on our robust content discovery network, ensuring that accurate-sized images are served quickly and efficiently.

Before this change, site analysis tools such as Google PageSpeed would sometimes complain about a site logo or another custom image, because the image uploaded was too large. Now, these images will be resized automatically to ensure faster download times.

Available for the following blocks:

  • Utility: Site search (background image)
  • Utility: Site search range (background image)
  • Utility: AudioPodcast player (image upload)
  • Utility: Site logo (logo)
  • Utility: Text promo (image)
  • Utility: Promo Designer (image)
  • Classifieds: Search (background image)
  • Utility: Heading (background image)

Other blocks and URL properties will be available soon.

For any issues or questions about this new feature, contact customer support at (800) 293-9576 orĀ

Read the detailed release notes here.