Evvnt STL Screenshot

To see an example of our Evvnt integration in action, check out the calendar of events at STLToday.com.

Starting May 18, 2020 , all TownNews customers using the calendar functionality bundled with the company’s industry-leading content management systems will be upgraded—at no charge—to the Evvnt calendar platform.

Evvnt replaces traditional event calendars with a platform that’s laser-focused on generating new advertising revenue for publishers from ticketing, syndication, print, voice, social, and email marketing services, while helping consumers find high quality, local events.

The upgrade comes with no associated monthly charge. To offset Evvnt's standard $250 monthly per-site fee, 20 percent of Evvnt upsell revenue—up to a cumulative total of $250—will be passed to participating TownNews clients. Once the total upsell revenue for a given site exceeds $250 in a calendar month, the revenue share rises to 40 percent (to the participating site).

"While in-person local events are on pause right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TownNews and Evvnt teams want to use this time to roll out this program on behalf of our partners, so when consumers return to our local communities and look for local events you will have the best tools available to showcase and monetize your listings," said Rick Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer at TownNews.

The rollout will begin on May 18, 2020. TownNews clients who do not wish to upgrade to Evvnt for their calendar, event promotion, and ticketing needs may opt out of the program by completing the form at TownNews.com/opt-out/Evvnt.