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Connect with your audience anytime, anywhere with our integrated content, revenue, and engagement platform.

[The one-stop platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing your multimedia content.]

One platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing your multimedia content

Reach out to the world

Engage your audience across the digital spectrum—web, mobile, apps, OTT, podcasts, social media, email, distributed platforms—with our complete content management ecosystem. You can even push content to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Facebook Instant Articles, and Apple News.

Easy, flexible content creation

Our built-in tools make it easy to create beautiful, engaging layouts—complete with videos, photos, and multimedia galleries. Incorporate inline elements throughout the body of your articles, keeping readers engaged as they scroll.

Data-powered audience engagement

Harness the power of audience browsing data to present visitors with content that meets their specific interests, helping you increase time on site, pageviews and advertising revenue—while slashing bounce rates.

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"To say 'TownNews made it easy' would be an understatement. We are blown away by the company's efficiency and customer service, and we're excited at the new designs for our websites."

Neal Boling | Station Manager, KHQ-TV (Spokane, WA)

Customize your workflow and deliver video to web, mobile, social, OTT, and over the air

Create, syndicate, and connect to your audiences

Live stream your broadcast video and simultaneously send it to your website, OTT apps, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitter. We make it easier than ever to reach your audiences on social media and alert them to your new video content. Maximize advertising opportunities for each video you create with our integrated video platform.

OTT-ready high definition video

Create and manage high quality video experiences for your over-the-top applications. Give your audience a great experience whether they're watching on a mobile device or in their living room.

Near real-time editing and delivery

With integrated Blackbird support, editing and managing your broadcast video is fast and easy. Work on multiple videos at a time without having to wait for your videos to finish encoding before editing. Collaborate in the cloud, add keywords to select a destination, and watch your video appear everywhere you sent it.

[Customize your workflow and deliver video to web, mobile, social, OTT, and over the air.]

Powerful, integrated digital solutions for broadcasters

The tools and services you need to grow and engage your audience, boost revenue, and create compelling content—in a robust, secure ecosystem.

BLOX Content Management System gives news and media organizations more digital publishing tools to create content, attract users, and grow their bottom lines. Why settle for less? Learn more

Build your optimal workflow and deliver video to web, mobile, social, OTT, and over the air with the Field59 video management system (VMS) from TownNews. Learn more

Create a 24/7 TV-like experience for your audience on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Learn more

The dynamic paywall and metering solution that targets users with custom offers and converts casual visitors into paying subscribers. Learn more

The TownNews iQ DMP program unites industry-leading content and data platforms to help news and media sites turn data into dollars. Learn more

Grow your audience, expand your coverage and boost revenue with top-quality multimedia content from the TownNews Content Exchange. Learn more

With BLOX Email Reach you can keep your readers informed and coming back with daily headlines, breaking news alerts, coupons, daily deals and more. Learn more

The BLOX Real Estate vertical realty marketplace helps you leverage the strength of your brand and audience to match property buyers and sellers in your area. Learn more

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"TownNews provides a strong, vibrant, flexible CMS that not only meets our needs today, but we feel will meet our needs in the future as we continue to grow."

George Sirven | Station Manager, KTBS/KPXJ (Shreveport, LA)

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