BLOX Email Reach

Keep in touch with your readers while driving traffic to your site

Promote breaking news, today’s headlines, daily deals and much more directly to your readers' inboxes with newsletters powered by BLOX Email Reach*

Tailor your message

BLOX Email Reach doesn’t limit you to a single newsletter! Create a variety of topics to meet the needs of your diverse audience. Deliver specialty newsletters that target interests such as local sports, daily headlines and much more.

Our FREE Email Optimization Service will help you drive revenue and engagement with automated, high-impact email newsletters.

Grow subscriptions

Readers can pick and choose which newsletters to sign up for with a simple click, right from the user dashboard! Subscription widgets can also be used throughout the site to promote your newsletter options and remind readers to register.

Profitable advertising opportunities

Advertisers will love BLOX Email Reach's ability to target specific audiences. Simply create ad positions and sponsorships for each type of newsletter you offer.

Build revenue with upsells

Earn revenue by offering businesses within your Business Directory** the ability to promote their products and services through their own email lists and newsletters with BLOX Email Reach.

Simpler management

BLOX Email Reach is managed through the BLOX CMS Admin, making it easy to create and maintain a variety of email lists.

Unlimited emails

Pricing for Email Reach is determined by the number of subscribers, so you can send out as many newsletters as you would like, without having to worry about additional fees.

Always up-to-date

BLOX Email Reach is ideal for sending out alerts almost instantly, making it a quick and easy way to notify readers of breaking news.

* In partnership with Constant Contact
** Optional add-on.