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BLOX Offers

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Digital special offers for the mobile generation—no clipping required

Launch a turnkey digital coupon site that drives engagement and thrills advertisers

BLOX Offers makes it easy to roll out a mobile-optimized digital coupon site, powering audience growth and attracting local advertisers.

Offer your current advertisers a lucrative new marketing avenue, while providing an entry point for prospects—especially those with limited ad budgets. A high-powered digital coupon program can even help you win back advertisers you've lost in the past.

BLOX Offers Search

BLOX Offers makes it easy for users to find, share, and redeem digital coupons.

Coupons work for local advertisers:

  • They give customers new reasons to visit your advertisers' brick-and-mortar stores.
  • They extend your advertiser's reach to a wider group of potential customers.
  • They're highly shareable on social media, helping merchants grow their digital "word of mouth."
  • They're a great enticement to sign up for opt-in email newsletters.

BLOX Offers helps merchants grow their client bases, drive online-to-store traffic, and improve retention by delivering a product that has real value to their customers. It's a true win-win.

Coupons without the clipping

BLOX Offers' mobile-friendly interface allows customers to browse and redeem coupons anywhere, at any time, directly from their smartphones.

SEO-friendly business pages

Self-service business listings can include photos, menus, videos, hours, social media links, and more.

Stand-alone or integrated

Launch your coupon site as a completely new brand, or match your existing web presence or print coupon book by incorporating a coordinating URL, logo, colors, and menu items.

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