Customizable access control for BLOX CMS

The ultimate flexibility to meet any subscription, metering or paywall need.

When it's time to decide on a paywall strategy, you face a lot of hard questions:

  • Should you restrict access to your content, or make it free for everyone?
  • If you restrict access, what model should you use—"All Access," metering, paywall, Google Surveys—or some combination?
  • How will you integrate your paywall with your existing circulation system?

BLOX Subscription Pro gives you the power and flexibility to make the decisions that are right for the health of your business. Choose the subscription model that's right for you:

  • All Access
    Bundle your online content, print edition, Live e-Edition, classifieds, business directory, and more into an offering that your customers can't live without! BLOX Subscription Pro is fully-integrated with BLOX CMS, making it a cinch to provide single sign-on All Access packages to paying subscribers.

  • Paywall
    Require users to subscribe in order to access your content. Place your entire site behind a paywall, or configure on a section-by-section basis, the choice is yours.

  • Metering
    Set a specific number of free content views before a user is required to pay for a subscription. For example, you may allow site visitors 10 free articles before requiring a subscription to access more content.

  • Google Consumer Surveys
    Earn incremental revenue by requiring readers to answer a short survey in exchange for access to your content.

And with BLOX Subscription Pro, content restriction isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. You decide what content to place behind a paywall or meter using simple but sophisticated rulesets.

You can even combine a "hard" paywall with metering and Google Surveys,* allowing you to monetize your anonymous and non-subscriber traffic while giving unfettered access to your loyal subscribers. Users exceeding their metered allotment of content can be presented with a Google Survey to receive the content in its entirety—earning additional revenue that you may have missed with a hard paywall alone.

Circulation integrations

BLOX Subscription Pro integrates with a wide variety of third-party circulation systems, including Newzware, iServices, CirculationPro, MediaSpan, APT Falcon, DSI and many more.

Emergency shut-off

Sometimes a local emergency forces you to open up your paywall or disable metering. Maybe a flood makes delivery of your print edition impossible, or your press is on the fritz.

With BLOX Subscription Pro, you can turn off your paywall with one click, allowing all users full access for a limited time. When the emergency has passed, click again to re-activate your subscription rules.

Anywhere, anytime

BLOX Subscription Pro works on all devices—desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Ready to get started?

BLOX Subscription Pro is only available for BLOX CMS from TownNews. Contact us today to learn more!

* Requires Flex Templates.