Turnkey vertical auto marketplace built to drive traffic and revenue

It's no secret that auto buyers are going online to research and complete purchases. With BLOX Wheels, you can be the go-to matchmaker for buyers and sellers in your area.

Mobile-friendly design

Every BLOX Wheels ad and dealer page automatically displays a mobile-optimized version when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Business listings even include a link to Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.

Integrated with BLOX CMS

BLOX Wheels is built on BLOX CMS, one of the most advanced content management platforms in the business. That means it's easy to display BLOX Wheels widgets next to calendar events, articles, videos, coupons and classifieds, giving advertisers maximum visibility and bang for the buck.

Rich, engaging ads

BLOX Wheels ads can be enriched with photo and YouTube galleries, social media integration, user comments and expert Q&As. You can even offer trackable phone numbers,* allowing sellers to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns with easy-to-understand reports.

LotLinx backfill

We've partnered with LotLinx to provide backfill automotive inventory with revenue generating cost-per-click vehicle listings.

LotLinx listings are only discoverable in search and always appear secondary to a local dealer's inventory, giving priority to your existing dealers, while keeping visitors engaged.

Sell more with upsells

Sellers want their ads to stand out against the competition. Help them out by offering upsells like ad highlighting, photo embellishments and premium search placement. The "Power Page" upsell option includes an "Ask a question" form and expanded promotional area for a truly eye-catching presentation.

Easy business storefronts

For sellers without websites, or those who want to expand their web presence, business pages can be outfitted with custom branding (another upsell!), including headers, colors and navigation. Combine with calendar events, coupons, classifieds and blogs posts for an instant mini-site.

Populate from many sources

Accept approved feeds from dealers and small lot owners,** or single ads from private parties. Sellers manage their inventory and create ads via an intuitive dashboard. Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are automatically converted to detailed vehicle descriptions.

Enhanced search

BLOX CMS's integrated search engine displays Wheels listings alongside your publication's other classifieds, coupons, real estate listings, editorial content and more. If upsells apply, logos and enhancements also display in search results, so your advertisers' listings shine.

BLOX Wheels: Features

BLOX Wheels includes everything you need to become the source for auto sales and information in your market.

Feature Benefit
Mobile-ready When a user views your BLOX Wheels auto market using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, they'll be served a version that's touch-friendly.
Upsells Help advertisers attract attention while adding to your bottom line. Offer upsells like top search placement, graphic embellishments, ad highlighting and customized mini-sites.
User dashboard Users create and manage their ads using an intuitive web-based control panel.
Rich media It's easy to attach videos and photo galleries to an ad or business page, going far beyond what's possible in print (or on Craigslist!).
Auto-specific data fields BLOX Wheels adds a new Vehicle ad type to BLOX Classifieds. Vehicle ads allow you to easily enter details like the vehicle's transmission type, drive train, fuel type, MPG and more. Enter options like sun roof, cruise control, trip computer and navigation system by selecting from a deep list of available features.
Search engine BLOX Wheels includes powerful search functionality so buyers can find exactly the vehicle they're looking for. Search by vehicle type, make, model, condition, price range, mileage, model year, color and more.
VIN explosion When you enter a VIN number, BLOX Wheels will automatically decode it to create a detailed vehicle description.
Embedded maps Every ad and business page includes an embedded Google map, so buyers won't get lost on the way to completing their transactions.
Whisper numbers* A "whisper number" is a trackable phone number that can be attached to a dealer's business listing. Calls to the whisper number forward to the business's actual number. These calls are tracked, so you can provide advertisers with detailed reports demonstrating the value of their BLOX Wheels campaigns.
Loan calculator Our auto loan calculator helps potential buyers find vehicles that fit their budgets.
Dealer feeds** Dealer inventory can be automatically created and updated with dealer-provided data feeds.
Standalone or add-on BLOX Wheels is available as a standalone product or as an add-on to a BLOX CMS site.
LotLinx backfill Provide additional vehicle listings to keep shoppers on your site and generate click-through revenue.
* Additional charges apply.
** Feeds must be approved. Additional charges may apply. 
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