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A coupon platform for the mobile generation—no clipping required

Launch a turnkey digital coupon site that drives engagement and thrills advertisers

DealPerform makes it easy to roll out a mobile-optimized digital coupon site, powering audience growth and attracting local advertisers.

Offer your current advertisers a lucrative new marketing avenue, while providing an entry point for prospects—especially those with limited ad budgets. A high-powered digital coupon program can even help you win back advertisers you've lost in the past.

DealPerform: Coupon search

DealPerform makes it easy for users to find, share, and redeem digital coupons. 

Coupons work for local advertisers

An effective coupon program is a key element of the local business marketing mix:

  • A valuable offer gives customers another reason to walk through an advertiser's door.
  • Coupons build brand recognition by extending an advertiser's reach to a wider variety of potential customers.
  • Coupons are highly shareable on social media, helping merchants grow their digital "word of mouth."
  • Coupons are great enticement to sign up for opt-in email newsletters.

DealPerform helps merchants grow their client bases, drive online-to-store traffic, and improve retention by delivering a product that has real value to their customers. It's a true win-win.

Coupons without the clipping

DealPerform's mobile-friendly interface allows customers to browse and redeem coupons anywhere, at any time, directly from their smartphones.

DealPerform: Reporting

Track results with a wide variety of built-in reports.

Proven advertiser ROI

Track coupon campaigns and prove advertiser ROI with a wide variety of built-in reports. View reports in the browser or export data to a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

You can even use our included templates to generate reports that can be emailed to your advertisers, helping them quickly react to changing market conditions.

Stand-alone or integrated

Launch your coupon site as a completely new brand, or match your existing web presence or print coupon book by incorporating a coordinating URL, logo, colors, and menu items.

Setup is painless, and management is handled through an intuitive web-based dashboard.

Don't wait. Get started with DealPerform today!

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