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Production Truck by TownNews & BlueFrame

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Yes, you can livestream with a small (or one-person) team

Production Truck by TownNews and BlueFrame is the best, most affordable way to produce, distribute, and monetize high-quality live and on-demand video content.

Armed with nothing but an HD video camera (up to four cameras, if you're really ambitious) and Production Truck by TownNews and BlueFrame, you can easily stream live sports and other events to viewers in your community and around the world. Production Truck makes it simple to drive traffic and revenue with high-quality live broadcasts posted directly on your website.

Screenshot: Production Truck powered by BlueFrame Technology

Production Truck by TownNews and BlueFrame is the perfect turnkey video production solution for:

  • High school sports
  • Club sports
  • Sports arenas
  • Youth leagues
  • Minor league sports
  • Regional broadcasters
  • Professional organizations

Any organization looking to engage its audience with live events can deploy Production Truck to produce and distribute HD live and on-demand video.

Monetize your broadcasts

Production Truck offers a wide variety of revenue opportunities, including in-video ad and sponsorship positions, standard local website display advertising spots, and access to the TownNews iQ programmatic ad network.

Flexible event ticketing

Video streams can be sold on a per-game basis, as a season pass, or provided for FREE . . . Whatever model helps you achieve your goals.

As local athletic departments grapple with COVID-19, the sponsorship, advertising, and content monetization opportunities that Production Truck makes possible can be a critical new revenue stream.

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