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Programmatic Ads for BLOX Email Reach

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Email monetization made simple

The FREE, turnkey way to add targeted banners, native ads, and paid recommendations to your email newsletters and automated alerts.

Instant email programmatic

Email newsletters are one of the most powerful audience engagement tools in your arsenal, but directly monetizing them can be time-consuming and expensive. Local ads are great, but your staff is already at their limit. And the programmatic email vendors typically only want to do business if you have millions of monthly opened newsletters.

Programmatic Ads for BLOX Email Reach makes it simple to add targeted, relevant ads to your email newsletters and automated email notifications, helping you drive high-value clicks.

Banners and beyond

Engage your subscribers with a wide variety of high-impact banners, native ads, and paid recommendations:

  • Available in-newsletter banner ad units include: resizeable leaderboards, 300x250 rectangles, and 160x600 skyscrapers.

  • Engaging inline native ads mimic the look of an article, expanding your inventory without overwhelming your subscribers with banners.

  • Our resizeable paid recommendations widget suggests three articles of interest to the recipient, and adjusts to fit all desktop and mobile devices.

All ad units are targeted to meet the preferences of the recipient, boosting your click-through rates and revenue.

Targeting for success

Our FREE Email Optimization Service will help you drive revenue and engagement with automated, high-impact email newsletters.

Subscribers will respond to in-email advertising that's relevant and targeted to their interests. As a rule, targeting within email has been a big technical challenge (email clients don't support Javascript), and a huge expense.

We've worked with PowerInbox to create a series of targeted programmatic ad units that work with all graphical email clients, on all desktop and mobile devices. You manage your ads within BLOX CMS, so it's a piece of cake to drag them into your newsletters.

And with more than 2,000 local media customers, TownNews has the scale to empower you with behavioral targeting capabilities that are normally reserved for the industry’s 800-pound gorillas.

FREE setup, no monthly fees

Programmatic Ads for BLOX Email Reach has no additional setup or installation charges, and no ongoing monthly fees.*

Once signed up, you can start earning NEW advertising income via our generous revenue share program in just a few days.

With BLOX Email Reach you can keep your readers informed and coming back with daily headlines, breaking news alerts, coupons, daily deals and more.

Get started . . . now!

Ready to generate more revenue from your email newsletters and automated email notifications? Contact us today to get started with Programmatic Ads for BLOX Email Reach.

* BLOX Email Reach is required, additional fees may apply. BLOX Notifier is also required for customers wishing to deploy programmatic advertising in automated email notifications.

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