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Tribute Store

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Meet the Tribute Store

A beautifully designed e-commerce solution that knows how to convert traffic into dollars.

Tribute Store (cover photo)

Through integrated service information, easy-to-use mobile design, and a consumer-friendly ordering process, your community can easily express their condolences to the family. Financially support florists and the local economy, all while improving the user experience of your readers.

Tribute Store: Mobile-friendly flower and Memorial Tree purchasing

A smart revenue source

Historically, local media organizations have monetized traffic through online advertising. The Tribute Store offers a different way to convert traffic into dollars. High-conversion techniques, such as strategically placed buttons, link colors, and abandoned cart recovery, help you turn browsers into shoppers.

A hands-off approach

All of the profits, none of the work. The Tribute Store is easy to activate on your online obituaries and their support team handles all customer inquiries, payment processing, refunds, florist selection, delivery coordination, and more. The support team is available 6am-Midnight CST, 7 days a week to assist your readers.

A network of information

Tribute Store’s extensive network of funeral home partners provides funeral information to sync with your website, including the deceased name and the funeral service event details, ensuring the order experience is simplified and convenient for your readers.

Memorial Tree Program

A living memorial gift with environmental benefits.

Tribute Store: Memorial Tree program

Tribute Store’s Memorial Tree Program provides unique, living memorials, offering not only a heartfelt gesture of sympathy, but also a lasting contribution towards the betterment of the environment. A memorial tree is an outstanding way to honor a loved one, providing a tribute that is as unique as the individual it was planted in memory of.

Our planting partners, American Forests and the Canadian Institute of Forestry, assess the areas in highest need of reforestation and plant accordingly, ensuring that these gifts have the most substantial environmental impact possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Tribute Store different from other flower store integrations?

Tribute Store is a proven system utilized on thousands of funeral home websites across North America, where we’ve refined and tested it to increase conversion rates and order satisfaction. Rather than a referral link, Tribute Store integrates fully into the obituary, making for a better user experience for your readers. Details such as the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of death, and event details sync between your website and the Tribute Store database, so the ordering process is seamless.

When will I be paid for commissions?

All commission payments from the Tribute Store are made quarterly.

What involvement is required from my staff?

Tribute Store is automatically activated on all obituaries you post, and the Tribute Store support team covers all customer inquiries. Their support staff is available 6 a.m. to midnight Central Standard Time, 7 days a week. Readers can reach out via email, live chat, or telephone.

With BLOX Tributes you can be the local source for memorials, celebrations and announcements.

How are flower orders delivered?

Tribute Store software has an order routing system that detects where the delivery destination is, then selects a local florist. When funeral event details are available, the Tribute Store routes orders to the specific event — such as a visitation or graveside service. Readers also have the option to instead send the order to the funeral home, the family’s home, or a custom address.

Why do some obituaries sell trees and others sell flowers?

As obituaries are posted, the Tribute Store API checks its database to see if funeral event details are available. If events exist, the obituary displays “Send Flowers” buttons. Should funeral events not exist, the obituary displays “Plant a Tree” buttons instead. This ensures that orders for flowers aren’t being placed with no shipping destination, while still providing an opportunity for revenue from the obituary.

What do families receive with a Memorial Tree purchase?

When a memorial tree is purchased, a post is made on the obituary’s online guestbook. This publicly recognizes the purchase for the family and future visitors to see. Additionally, every purchase comes with a complimentary e-card which can be personalized and emailed to the family of the deceased. Finally, once the tree is planted, our forestry partners provide a map of the location to be placed on the memorial page for the deceased.

Why would someone plant a tree rather than send flowers or leave a condolence?

When people grieve, they don’t grieve in the same way. What might be a significant and healing gesture to one person could be less meaningful for another. Many see planting a tree as more environmentally-friendly than ordering fresh flowers. Some also see it as symbolic of the cycle of life and death. Regardless of the thought behind it, the choice is ultimately up to the consumer. And no matter what they choose, they are honoring the deceased and sharing their love with the family.

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