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TownNews Digital Advertising Services

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An expert, turnkey digital ad ops team at your fingertips

Grow your digital advertising revenue and slash costs with TownNews Digital Advertising Services.

TownNews Advertising Services

The amount of  expertise, training, and staff you need to take advantage of the wealth of digital advertising opportunities that are available to your local media organization is staggering. Grow revenue while saving money, time, and headaches by migrating your digital advertising operations to TownNews.

Our dedicated, U.S.-based staff will drive revenue for you by preserving rate integrity, standardizing your campaigns, and proactively monitoring your digital advertising performance.

And we'll reduce make-goods and credits by actively monitoring your locally sold campaigns to ensure they're delivering as intended.

Order entry and management

Let the TownNews Digital Advertising Services team handle the day-to-day business of digital advertising for you:

  • Account creation and maintenance
  • Validating orders against rate and booking policies
  • Forecast requests, local order entry, and creative upload
    • Floor rate validation
    • Test clichthru URLs for accuracy
    • Traffic ad tags and test them for accuracy
    • Screen shot requests
    • Creation of conversion pixels

Partnering with TownNews for routine digital ad operations reduces costs, so you can focus your resources and time on your core business.

Report distribution and campaign monitoring

Our team will create detailed reports, distribute them to your staff on a regular basis, and resolve any reporting discrepancies that may arise.

We'll also keep a watchful eye on your campaigns and notify local staff when a campaign is under-delivering or needs creative.

If a campaign is under-performing, experiencing floor rate violations, missing creatives, or having other issues, we'll perform the market outreach necessary to get the issues resolved. 

Add-on services

We offer a full range of digital advertising services, including:

  • Advertising email creation, scheduling, and deployment
  • Centralized email newsletter ad booking
  • Corporate promotional campaigns (subscription, recruitment, auto, etc.)

Later in 2020, we plan to add a full creative services team to help execute your advertisers' visions and serve as your turn-key advertising agency.

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